New limited time pre-sale on t-shirts and mugs!

After receiving many emails asking about ordering other merchandise, we are happy to announce a new online store. Our new online store features men's and women's shirts in two unique designs as well as a Wild Goose mug. This pre-sale will on last through August. All sales will be set aside to help fund our next project! (To be announced soon!)

DVDs and Journals

DVDs and Journals can be purchased through St. Joseph's Communications an outreach of Lighthouse Catholic Media. 



Why the Wild Goose? How can you use it? This and so much more makes this a good place to start.


View the segments in this fourteen part series dealing with different experiences of the Holy Spirit.



Here you'll find resources to help plan your Pentecost Vigil, download segments, and print study guides.

AbouT US

Find out about Fr. Dave Pivonka, the Franciscan TORs Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and 4PM Media.

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Take Action

Want to help spread the message of the Wild Goose? Find out three ways you can help.

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The ancient Celts had a name for the Holy Spirit- The Wild Goose...