Thank you for being a part of The Wild Goose.

It is truly a work of the Holy Spirit. The Wild Goose was a term that the ancient Celts had for the Holy Spirit.It is a 14 part series featuring Fr. Dave Pivonka and various interviews. Shot in various locations from Niagara Falls to the California desert, The Wild Goose invites viewers to an encounter, or a renewed encounter, with the Holy Spirit. The entire series is available for free on the website or if you prefer you can purchase the DVD set as well. Below you will find information on how best to use this series.



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How to Watch:

Pray. . . Come Holy Spirit. At this very moment, stop and ask the Holy Spirit to come to you.

If you allow him, the Wild Goose will lead you to a place of mercy, healing, peace, and presence. The Wild Goose series will help you experience a deeper relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit, and as you come to experience God’s presence and power, this very same Spirit will transform you and bring you freedom.

Whether you are an individual looking to start a study group or a parish ministry, these might be helpful:

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(PDF with all 14 segment study guides)



What to Watch:

The Wild Goose Series is fourteen independent segments dealing with different experiences of the Holy Spirit. For the most part, each segment stands on its own so you do not have to watch them in any particular order. However, the first three segments give a type of foundation to the others, so I would suggest that you start with these.

While I certainly hope that you watch each segment, I would suggest that you not binge watch. Take your time working through the series. I can’t encourage this enough, take your time and pray at the conclusion of an episode.




By yourself or with others?


The series has been created to be a blessing to an individual who watches alone and to groups so it is not necessary that you be a part of a group. In fact, “alone time” is an important part of the series. 

However, I would hope that you would also invite others to join you in journeying with the Wild Goose. Consider watching and discussing the contents of an episode with a few other people, friends, family, or couples from your parish. This provides an opportunity for you to share the fruit from your prayer and reflection. 

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“Holy Baptism is the gateway to life in the Spirit.”

-The Wild Goose -