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St. Francis is one of the most loved saints in all the world, but do we really know him? Cities, schools, hospitals, and churches around the globe are dedicated to him, but why? He can be found in gardens across the country, but he must be more than just a birdbath. 

Francis is known as a lover of peace and of nature, and this is true. But he also went against all social norms. All that the world said would lead to happiness, he abandoned for something else, something more. To the world, he first appeared a fool. He was an outsider, hated and ridiculed by even the people who were supposed to love him the most. Yet, thousands followed him. Why?

Francis was a sinner and a saint who was on a lifelong journey animated by grace. He was a real person with real struggles, temptations, and doubts. 

He was a disciple, perhaps, the greatest disciple.

When all the world saw him as a fool, he stood as a sign of contradiction. 

This film is about presenting a real person, not just some characterization of an animal loving Saint from a distant time. Francis is a person who, like us, searched for purpose and meaning and was often times left empty.  It wasn’t until he encountered Christ that darkness and confusion were replaced with light and peace.

Our goal is for those who watch the film to be inspired by the life of St. Francis and desire to live for God as he did,  as a Sign of Contradiction.

Ultimately, this film is about conversion, his and ours!



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“He [Francis] stood before the powers of the world and said things like, ‘Become small, become little, quiet, broken.’ And if you can do that, you’ll find Jesus.”

- Sign of Contradiction -