As I was praying about what the Wild Goose should look like I thought it was important to share other people’s story of the Wild Goose.  Over the years I have met so many wonderful people who are experiencing the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.  They are young, old, married, single, male, female, priests, sisters, deacons, doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants and financial advisors.  

        Such are the men and women you will see in the Wild Goose episodes.  They are amazing disciples I have met over the years and miles of my life and ministry.  Some are involved in full time ministry while most are not.  They are people who are alive in their faith but also struggle.  These are real, authentic people just like you.  Their story is so often reflective of your story.  

        They have graciously accepted my invitation to share their journey of the Wild Goose.  They have inspired me and I trust that they inspire you as well.   My prayer is that in their story, their life, you are able to see yourself as well as God.  I pray that in the same way the Wild Goose has animated their life, so too will the Spirit bring you life.  Amen?  Amen!       

-Fr. Dave